What's the big deal about OSv at Cassandra Summit 2014?

What's the Big Deal About OSv at Cassandra Summit 2014?

Pop quiz: what does this graph show?


If you’d like a hint, here’s some context. It’s from the upcoming talk on Cassandra on OSv at Cassandra Summit in San Francisco.

We’ve been picking up a bunch of Cassandra tips at the event so far. And we’re really looking forward to (a) tomorrow’s talks from the administrators of large-scale Cassandra sites and (b) showing off a new useful thing that should make life much easier for Cassandra admins who know curl. Which would be…everyone?

If you missed the chance to see Don Marti and Glauber Costa at Linuxcon/CloudOpen, please come see us, with bonus extra speaker Dor Laor. Otherwise, you can keep up with the latest OSv news from this blog’s feed, or folllowing @CloudiusSystems on Twitter.

(Next up: Xen Project User Summit in New York City…)